Is legal expense insurance for you?


  • You don't see why you might one day need to obtain information to ensure that your rights are respected.
  • You think that no one would have any cause to sue you.
  • Your financial activities don't involve anything out of the ordinary and you don't foresee any particular problem.
  • You aren't very inclined to call on a lawyer.
  • You would do anything to avoid taking a matter to court.
  • You believe that you are exempt from any legal "incident".


  • Your child gets hurt in the schoolyard with equipment that hasn't been properly maintained.
  • Your house has hidden construction defects.
  • Your next trip turns into a nightmare because of negligence on the part of your travel agent.
  • Your used car salesman gives you false information.
  • You have to go before the workers' compensation board (Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail), the employment insurance commission or the automobile insurance board (Société de l'assurance automobile) because they refuse to pay you.
  • One of your co-workers harasses you at work.
  • Or you name it!


  • You are in a middle-income bracket, which means that: you aren't eligible for free legal services under Legal Aid.
  • Your current financial obligations are such that you don't have much leeway, which means that: you may have difficulty paying a lawyer to assert your rights or settle a dispute.
  • You would be in a very uncomfortable if not untenable financial situation if an unforeseen legal problem arose:
    • whether the problem were minor, major or in-between;
    • whether you were filing for legal action or were one of the defendants, in mediation or arbitration;
    • in order to settle it amicably or in court. 


If you see yourself in any of these situations,


For about $4 a month
Access to justice is your right.